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It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you a family member of Planet Earth and the Star Systems ..... this being Pat.


There is much to be said of this beautiful soul but keeping it short and to the point of all that is needed to be heard ... may we say that you will be greatly accepted and appreciated for who you are and when you are looking inward you will also see what Pat sees when looking at you ... another soul ...  another ONE ... another of herself.

Love is the place where she resides.


It is Love that heals all hearts. It is Love that restores balance to unbalance. It is Love that takes you Home.  Home to your authenticity. You are Magnificent. You are Fabulous. You are Beautiful. You are Whole.   

Pat is here as a reminder for this remembrance .

We present to you ... Pat  ( Äria )

pat aria.jpg

"Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there." - Rumi     

Allow  yourself  to  receive
what  you  most  need  at  the  time
by  fully  opening  to   "All  That  Is "
and  to  just  BE  in  acceptance
of   "All  That  Is" .

I  consider  our  time  together  Sacred
 . . .  as  all  is  . . .
and  it  is  my  wish  that  you  feel  and  experience
the  Sacredness  of  your  own  Being
and  the  Remembrance  of  Who  You  Are  . . .
 Always  forever  true  . . .  Pat  Äria



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