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.... heart songs  

Love lifts us higher
into the dimensions
of freedom and peace and harmony
How is it ..
that when we fly
in our dreams
we are no longer attached
to the earthly ways
of problems and scarcities
relating to relationships
and holinesses
this dream
of flying
is not only a probability
it is
an experience
in which
you are flying
spread your wings
enjoy the flight
the flight of the dove
is in hand
and about to embark
on a sacred journey
known only to you

~ pat bjarnason

The veil is no longer a veil
but a mere fabric of ones imagination
for when beliefs are released
and truths of your heart are remembered
wonderful gifts
are brought to light
making everything clear

~ pat bjarnason

When the practice of compassion

is brought to the familial life

of all who you meet ...

there is no exceptance

to anyone other

than the thoughts or feelings and programmable portion

to that of love and acceptance.

You are Love.

Be Love.

It is only natural to be that of what you are...

and when you begin to let yourself be that of which you are ...

it takes no energy ~

there is no resistance

and the form that is surrounding your Beingness ~

will be able to come into its original state ~ that being whole.
What you believe and the thoughts you think ...

are what you experience in your perception of life.
Are you happy ?
Are you healthy ?
Are you You ...

or are you being the imposter of who you think you need to be ... for whatever reason.

Get in touch with you.

It is the best relationship you will ever have

and the Love is deeper and more real than any other.

You are Divine.

Do not insult God by insulting yourself

with the feelings of littleness or anger or fury or hate

or any of the lower vibratory dimensional frequencies.
Love is Love is Love
There is no room for anything else when you are Love.
And so it is...

~ pat bjarnason

Maybe ... it is the freedom
that we are afraid of
If we have been in captivity for so long
it sometimes is a sense of fear
which keeps us where we are
for fear of change ~
not knowing how it will be ~
taking the chance ~
to let go
and walk through the gates
into the abyss
of Love
which has been awaiting us patiently
What time is ~ is not reality
reality is not time
We only have a perception of what we experience
and in the perception
we create our life
The Gates Are Open ~
step out in courage
and live your best life ever
We are all in this together
You are not alone
Be strong
Be free 
Be your great I Am

~ pat bjarnason

November 28, 2012

I'm another title

Call of the wild
brings the senses
to stand on guard
and raise
to the stimulating
grace and beauty
of the
the lion king ...
what courage
what stamina
what beauty
what a constitution
of the never releasing presence
of his majestic composition
coming together
release any fear
which inhabits the place
where he resides
The lion lives within
each of our hearts ~
there... where there is no room for fear
Blessings of love to our own lion king
blessing of love to his reign of peace
to all who come to know
their own force of love
for nothing is stronger or more gentle

~ pat bjarnason

There are no rights and wrongs
there are no judgemental
functioning dilemmas
which need a sacred witness
to tell the story of what is
Be. Just Be.
If there could be one thing
that can be heard by all
it would be to let go of your beliefs
and wipe the slate clear of any undulating ideas
which cause separation
in any way.
You are a child of God
and when you believe this
with your beingness
you will come to know
that there is No Thing
that can cause you
to depart from this ONENESS ...
for it is sacred ...
and it is you.
It is your own Divinity which you shun away from
Why ?
Do you know why ?
We think not ... for the idea is just that ~
a notion in your makeup of thoughts
which insult your soul.
Be You.
Be your magnificent self.
It is alright.
Love is the key and the lock.
you have the power to create your world
from exactly where you are.
be Love

~ pat bjarnason

often alone
but never alone
when you are wanting and waiting and being
you are never alone
only the thought
when brought to the mind
to escape
be still
you will know
your aloneness
is a gift
for when you enter
the state of bliss
all that ever was
all that is
all that you could want
enters into the moment
soft touches
of love
by your soul
from many lifetimes before
you are never alone
only in your mind
never in your heart
open your heart
when you open it
to extend love to others
the return is more
than you can ever imagine
the loneliness
the aloneness
that you may have been feeling
gone to another time
but no more

~ pat bjarnason

Love ...
love is pure
love is tasteless
love is abundant
love is useful when given in circumstances of grief or adoration
love is irreplaceable
love is placeable
love is solo existant in an ever existing world as we know it
do you understand when I say I love you
do you understand when I say you love me
do you understand when we say we love each other
do you understand love
then this is not love...
for love cannot be understood
or dealt with in a mannerism of any other lucid act of kindness
or appreciation or addage so to speak
love is eternal
love is absoluteness of the absolute knowingness of all things good
good things are love.... in someway or other
when trying to describe and name
but love is nameless
yes Love Is
love is all
there is
love love love
that is all ... and all is love
and so it is
in love I write

~ pat bjarnason


Love is what we call 
when we have no other  to call upon
she is always ready and willing
to come when called or beckoned
We familiarize our feelings
to that of love
when we need to know
that only love can be pardoned or trespassed
these are trepidations of the soul
We call it elusiveness or courage
or courageous malignancy of the spirit or soul
Oh how the steeds run
when tempted to the glory
of those in love
For all is nye and nye is all
but in the story of Love
in the abyss of the heart
she lives
and forever young
beautiful soul
lounging and basking
in the glorious elusiveness of Love
be well dear soul
be well
Love will find you.

~ pat bjarnason 

"It looks like something I have seen before...
what is it ? " you ask.
The only answer I have for you is love.
"But what is it that I see ?" you ask.
The only answer I have for you is love.
"But how can it be the same for every question ?"you ask.
You ask...
I say...

that is all that matters.
Do not worry yourself
making your mind busy
trying to figure this or that.
It does not matter Dear One.
It is always love
The way it is is the way it is.
You will hear
without sounds ... without words 

Only LOVE.

~ pat bjarnason

October 14, 2012

This is the language that all one day will speak
there will be no need for interpreters
or sign language
Love is the language
that we all know and yet refuse to speak.
Why ?
Why ?
Can we not see
that there is no other way to continue the conundrum of this Being
without coming together
and speaking with our hearts.
This is the way of Love
Say it ... Love ...
let it roll off your tongue ... Love ...
feel it swell in your veins ... Love ...
Let it be it's own force of reckoning ... Love ...
That is what we are ... Love ...
Yes ... you know the words ...
You know the song ... You know the tune ...
Sing your song ...
I will sing mine ...
no words needed ...
only love

~ pat bjarnason

October 13, 2012

Presents Presence Gifts
this is what we are
only those who never take the time
to see
to really see
the true gift
that each of us are
will miss out
on the incredible feeling of
and glee
for the opening of each of our gifts
is the gift
that we give to each other
and oh how we have waited
to see each others gifts
and to say
thank you from our hearts
for being that gift
that we present to each other
in the attitude of gratitude and love
thank you for your presents presence gifts

~ pat bjarnason

October 15, 2012

When one can sit
in peace
with the one
who was feared
The calling of the longing
of what was . . .
had always been . . .
but was forgotten . . .
is brought back
to the memory
of all that is
and All That Is

~ pat bjarnason

Every One
has a song waiting to be sung
It resides in the chambers of the heart
Each song
is unique
Each song
is so beautiful
that when heard
it will heal and transform
all who hear
to a new level of Being
Are you hearing your song
Are you letting your song be heard
Silence your clatter
and listen . . .
It is waiting to escape
and be heard
Oh it is wonderful
Oh it is beautiful
Oh it is YOU . . . You
Thank You for playing
your Song

~ pat bjarnason

the remembrance
of what we know
comes in away
in which
it is least expected
This can be in music
in song
in the wonders of nature
in the silence and wonder of all things beautiful
What we come to know
is that

we know
all of this

that brings us to what we know ...

is the part of us
in which
we needed to be acquainted to
in order to fully know our self
Then when one knows the self ~
all is known and more
This is the truth of the Universe
unfolding in the vast unknown
Never think you know it all
for it will never end
and the knowings will continue to unfold


~ pat bjarnason

There comes a time
when the calling
of the more recent aspects
known to migratory embolism of the heart
and takes flight
sending your heart
to the maker of the universe
and calling your name
for the wanting and caring
of the more exponential migratory feature
is knowing where the flight is taking you
without knowing anything other
than that longing of going and coming home
this is the flight
that every soul takes
to enter the door of the maker
you will have to fly
and let your inner knowing or calling
take you there
this is Love
love will lead you home

~ pat bjarnason

June 7, 2013

It matters not
what is happening
outside of your beingness
for when you go within ~
your divinity ~
your place of stillness ~
your I AMness ~
All is Well ...
so ...

go within for a while

and rest ...

if you are tired of playing outside ...

~ pat bjarnason

Feeling like
or being
the witness
is the next step
in the becoming
the master
of this game
called life
Being the witness
removes you
from the game
while still able
to play

from a broader sense
in making

the transition

to another dimensional shift
You can

and will
onward and upward
in exact precise order of merit
and transformation
Rise above

and shine
for those

who need a light
to see where they are going
blessed be
be love

~ pat bjarnason 

While others may see the dim lights of glory
you will see the translucent brightness
of what is
you will see the truth within each of "yous"
and in that seeing
you become
the Seer
the seer who you always admired
has always been
your own "you"niqueness
of love
for that is who you are
you are love
and when you are able to see
that of which you are
you have come home

~ pat bjarnason

May 9, 2013

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