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.... heart songs  

Keeping with what is true
is the only way
keeping what is real
is the only way.
You are the creator of both
your truths and your reality.
Realize and become
the greatness that you are.
Throw all that does not serve you
to the vastness of what is
and watch it turn
from what does not glitter
to gold.
You are the alchemist ...
bring your gifts to the table
and sow what you reap in abundance , joy and love.
The greatest of these
will always be

~ pat bjarnason

July 18, 2013

the most beautiful piece of tempted sanctity
which the beholder will ever behold
When the rising sun
grants its infusing energy
onto the day for another gift given
to the beholder of life and enjoyment
partaking and calling all those
who are reaching out
to forever practice
their own place
in the wonder
of the call of the soul's
only true song
hear it calling
wanting and waiting
for recognition of the familial love

~ pat bjarnason
January 1, 2013

The Still Point
one of the most prosperous places
in the humanness ...the beingness.
When you can enter "the still point "
it matters not
what is taking place around you.
Practicing this art will be beneficial
in the coming months and years
in order to function and partake in this earthly experience.
The Lightworker will be one and the same as
this " still point ".
One to come to 
to find your place of solace and retreat
bringing you back to your own center or core.
This is the still point 
which we are now needing to come to
as the earth will be doing some cleaning 
and much unrest and fear will be prominent
in and around 
those who do not chose to raise their own vibrations 
to that of Mother Earth.
Be Well. Be Peace. Be Love.
and so it is

~ pat bjarnason

Standing on the edge of time
is like standing on the edge of nothing
How do you continue to stand
on that of nothing
It is with faith
It is with knowing
It is with the ever present continual passion
to be doing
what you love
when you want
how you want
and how you are
... without
any feedback coming into your knowingness
that anything should be different
When one is standing on the edge of nothingness
One is
who ~ what ~ where
they need to BE
Oh how wonderful 
to be there
in the nothngness
of everything

~ pat bjarnason

March 19, 2013

Time to release
what no longer serves you
time to dream
of what makes your heart sing
the song of redemption
the song of freedom
for each and everyone
enjoy the moment
when all good things arise
in the twinkling of an eye
you will know
the power of love
be the peace
you wish to see
be the love 
you truly are
for you are powerful beings of love and light
and so it is

~ pat bjarnason
May 5, 2012

It's All Coming Back to Us ....
When the time is right
there is no stopping
the frequencies of love
to come and take over your beingness
It is a feeling of ecstasy
and a feeling of familiarity.
What on Earth have we been waiting for.
It has been so long
since feeling the true Divine feeling
of our own love
wrapped in the arms of all the lovers of the world.
We have such a gift
when we take the time to open it
and use in the way
that it was intended.
When we feel ~ we live
when we love ~ we live
When we Remember ~ we are all that is
This is the Gift.
Open Yours ...
It's Time

~ pat bjarnason

November 25, 2012

there is more unseen
than seen

~ pat

Be at peace ...
and know that All is Well

~ pat

. . . thank you for visiting . . . more to come  . . .  


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