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Salt of the Earth Crystals ....  Coming Soon


                                Stay Tuned  

05:05:2020 @  11:11 a.m. 


These beautiful salt of the earth crystals have come forth to tell their stories of long

ago, far away, here now, of all time eternal.   This is the coming out party of these stunning light bearing beings ... it is their time to shine .. here upon this beautiful planet earth.  They have lived far underground for millions of years .  They have seen many things.  They have experienced the unimaginable.  They, them being , WE ... will now show and tell of what Magnificence they have always known themselves to be ... all the while being covered with miles and miles of layers upon their self.  So with no further ado ... I present to you The Salt of The Earth Crystals .  Here for your viewing pleasure.  Here , free to give and share their light and information 

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