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.... heart songs  


and you will hear
the sound of silence
and you will hear
your own
your own
heart song
ringing from the cathedral of your soul
and you will hear
blissful, soulful, truthful melody
over and over
you know the notes and keys
in which to play and frolic
for the rest of eternity
you have found
what you were looking for
all this time
There it was
tucked within
the sacred space
of your heart centre
never to be lost again
only to be played forever more
in the celestial choir
orchestrated by the one we call

~ pat bjarnason

March 8, 2013



This phrase "touching softness"

is so beautiful
for it is when softness is touched
the soul will feel
the love that enters into and through
the passer of the touch ...
the giver of the touch
credits the receiver
in the magnificent properties of humanness
Ever so wonderful
are the touches
and caresses
of one onto another
Be the giver and receiver
and never let your fear
entertain into the equation
of giving or receiving
Love is the Master
there is never ever reason for fear
Touch is a gift that is given to All
when coming to Planet Earth

~ pat bjarnason

February 22, 2013


out of the blue
all of a sudden
I hear my name
from where
I don't know
I do
I know
I feel
the truth
I open up to what is
and the magic 
Again ...
I hear my name
I smile
I know
I am never alone
Thank you ... I say
for calling my name

~ pat bjarnason
January 1, 2013

The winds of change
are blowing
within the exteriors of the mind
and listening to the change
will bring about a serenity
of importance and gratitude
The winds of change 
can be felt
sweeping within
all that is not boarded down
and secured
leaving only the pristine glow
of the sun
radiating within
the cleansed 
and breathtaking view
of the Ones own heart
Listen and feel the wind of change within
You will know it by the chaotic murmurs
of movement and release
Once done...
there will be a time of reprogramming
and then
the sound of the wind
will begin again

~ pat bjarnason
January 3, 2013

is the love that we give
the love that we receive
It is the longing for
the wanting of nothing else
because all you have 
is enough
this feeling that becomes
one of many facets of the universal welcomings
belonging to the beloveds
we call human
is the personification of holiness
and this
is why
when in a state of gratitude
you are nothing and everything
All is everything and nothing more

~ pat bjarnason

There comes a time
when you can 
walk away
from all that no longer serves you
for when you come to know
what you know
the horizon holds
the unimaginable
and lets you take your
life experience
to that of
another level

~ pat bjarnason

To the master
in each
of us

to find
the key
and when found

the heart

was never locked

~ pat bjarnason

March 19, 2013

The gifts
are never ending
the gifts
are multiplying by magnitudes unknown to human man
the gifts
which surround one
are all in the name of love
imagine ...
how loved you must be
to be given
all that is
and more
It takes the breath away
to know how much we are loved
close your eyes
still your mind
experience the vastness of nothing
other than the All That Is
grateful and blessed

~ pat bjarnason

Febuary 14, 2013

the most beautiful piece of tempted sanctity
which the beholder will ever behold
When the rising sun
grants its infusing energy
onto the day for another gift given
to the beholder of life and enjoyment
partaking and calling all those
who are reaching out
to forever practice
their own place
in the wonder
of the call of the soul's
only true song
hear it calling
wanting and waiting
for recognition of the familial love

~ pat bjarnason
January 1, 2013

(photo credit to Paul Frederick)

~ Storm ~

Listen to me
who has the power
who has the strength
who has the tempest and radical nature
to engulf your stamina and glory
it is I
the Almighty
If you listen to your truths
you will recognize me
in the light prisms of the lightening
you will hear my voice
in the frequency of the tones of thunderous calls
in the chambers of my heart
Oh how the storm brings its mighty cause
to enliven the hearts
Fear Not
it is your own strength 
and courage
that you fear
Listen and learn
You are the strongest of the strong
sing along ~ this is your song

~ pat bjarnason

if you please
Can you tell me what it is that makes you smile
Is it someone's winking eye
or someone's little grin
that seems to come at the exact time
and lets the muscles twitch and turn upwards
an there you are
without any sense of trying
or any sense of wondering how to do it
It happens
spontaneous combustion of the facial muscles
makes the eyes sparkle
and dance
the spirit comes to life
without noticing
you burst out into laughter
The sound of pure joy
that's what we like to see !

~ pat bjarnason

There are times
when we see an empty space
that was once a long lost friend
and that space has been left open
and secure in the knowing
that it will forever be filled
to the extent of nothing replacing nothing
the cost of a friend 
is unpayable
it does not have a price or a quo
the time that it takes
to come from the debts
is the time that the other will know
for the other is always a brother
in the laws of the Universe it seems 
can never go undone with the parts of your One
and only favor of living your dream
take the pledge to
come to the edge
and fly
live your dreams and fly
it will never be anything that you imagined
in your wildest dreams dear one
spread your wings and fly
step over the ledge and know
you will be carried to your destiny

~ pat bjarnason
   August 30, 2012 






Who do you see 
and you will see
it is I
it is you
who do you see
it's me
it's you
it's we you me
and this my friend
is how we learn to remember
the truths
of who we are
we are all 
we are everything
I am beautiful ~ yes
and so are you
yes ~ so are you
so beautiful that it makes the angels weep
with tears of love
internally transpired into thoughts
of never ending joy and love and blessings
for this is who you are beautiful soul

~ pat bjarnason
   August 4, 2012


Breathe in
Breathe out
your trying too hard
let go.........loosen up
feel your breath....your life
your soul
that is you
now when you are in that space
there is nothing to cling to 
nothing to worry about
just BE
that's all you are meant to be
enjoy enjoy

~ pat bjarnason

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